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When you first decide to sell your home, you may feel overwhelmed with all there is to know. I’ve successfully guided many of my clients through the steps to selling a house and with my knowledge and education, yours too will be smooth and straightforward.

Here are the steps to selling a house you can expect with our team:

Step 1 – Gathering Information

The first thing in the steps to selling a house is to find out what makes your home special. Unique features, the improvements you’ve made, and all the information required to answer the number one question every seller has: “How much can I sell my home for?

Step 2 – Setting Your Real Estate Goals

When I come to assess your home, I’ll give you my preliminary evaluation so you have an idea of your home’s value. However, there’s more work to be done before we determine the best listing price. I’ll also discover what your needs and goals are and together we’ll determine the best timeline for your home’s sale.

Step 3 – Home Appraisal & Worth

After learning all the relevant information, I’ll do a Comprehensive Market Analysis (CMA) where I’ll use not one, as most real estate agents do, but three separate valuations to determine the exact listing price your home will optimally sell for. This will depend on things like the supply and demand of the market, comparable homes for sale in your area, and other factors.

Step 4 – Improving Your Homes Look & Feel

In addition to my real estate insight, you’ll receive the benefit of my expertise in home construction and renovations. I’ll provide you with honest advice on the most important structural elements that buyers look for in homes and help bring your home to the highest quality standard (if necessary) to guarantee the highest listing price.

Step 5 – Creating a Stunning Presentation

First impressions matter and to ensure your home stands out from the others, I’ll pay for a consultation with a home staging professional. They’ll explain how potential buyers view your home and help you create a memorable and visually-appealing environment.

Step 6 – Photography and Video

Now that your home is looking its best, the next step to selling a house is to list it on the market. We’ll arrange for brilliant photos and videos to be used on the MLS website and in marketing and advertising materials to make sure your home shines.

We always use professional and high-quality photography and videography that advertises your home in the best possible light and showcases what makes it so special.

Step 7 – Extensive Marketing

Not only do we make sure we reach as many potential buyers as possible, but we identify and target the ideal buyer for your home. Whether you have a home suited for families, single professionals, or retirees, we’ll market to them wherever they’re most likely to see your home. I’ll also contact other real estate agents in Ottawa so they can direct their clients to your property’s showings.

Using both conventional and modern marketing techniques, my clients will benefit from having their home on the leading-edge digital and social media platforms as well as the use of proven traditional methods such as neighbourhood flyers.

Step 8 – Negotiating The Sale

Now that we’ve found buyers for your home, we begin negotiations. We’ll represent you with the loyalty and fierceness that you’ve come to expect from my team and ensure you receive the highest possible price and benefit from all the conditions of the offer.

Step 9 – Successful Home Closing Process

Now that the offer has been accepted on both sides, we begin the closing process. Every aspect will be explained so that you feel comfortable and confident and my team will help organize all the details.

Step 10 – After the Sale

Once your home has been successfully sold, we will continue to be available to help you with anything you need, whether you’re looking to purchase your next home or require other real estate advice.

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