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Selling a luxury home in Ottawa requires superior expertise and your real estate team should reflect that with specialized knowledge and proven experience. My highly-skilled team of professionals are accustomed to the factors that are unique to selling high-end homes; we provide the exceptional level of service that your luxury home deserves.

Here are the advantages to selling luxury homes in Ottawa with us:

Pricing a Luxury Home Right

When selling luxury homes, it’s critical to set the price correctly from the beginning. It’s rare to find a high-end home that’s exactly the same as another, so determining its listing price requires assessing the various features unique to that home. With my experience, I’ll determine the true value of your home and ensure the price reflects its special assets. We’ve seen first hand in the Ottawa real estate market the effects of overpricing a home.

Understanding timing When Selling

Ottawa luxury homes tend to be in highly-desired locations such as waterfronts or hilltops and may have spectacular views of the river, Gatineau hills, or the Ottawa skyline. Nature is essential when showcasing these elements and we understand that the lush landscapes and sunshine of spring will highlight your home rather than the cloud cover of winter.

We Market Luxury Homes Exhaustively

We’ve perfected a marketing strategy that ensures your when selling luxury homes that it is seen, stands out and is remembered. From traditional to digital marketing techniques, we utilize every possible avenue to reach qualified buyers which includes word of mouth through our vast network.

We hire professional photographers

It’s crucial that photographs and videos are of the highest quality and also feature stunning evening shots when all the lights are on, as well as daytime and aerial photos. Furthermore, we’ll ensure brochures are printed on high-end glossy paper that reflects the quality of your home.

We understand the high-end buyers

It’s important to determine the profile and motivation of qualified buyers as luxury homes appeal to smaller markets. Whether it’s a superb location, amazing architecture, or opulent amenities, we ensure the features which make your home valuable, are extensively highlighted to these luxury home buyers.

We offer broker open houses

Open houses for luxury properties often attract unqualified viewers who come out of curiosity. Therefore, we prefer holding open houses for brokers and real estate professionals that represent luxury buyers who can then arrange appointments for their clients to view your home.

We’ll take the time

How long can it take to sell a luxury home? Selling luxury homes will normally take longer than selling a mid-market home. Mainly because there are fewer buyers who can afford luxury properties. We’ll work diligently and vigorously for as long as takes to find its buyer.

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