Sylvain Bourgon

Sylvain Bourgon, Sales Representative

Direct: 613-323-3241 | Office: 613-590-3036
Email: [email protected]

Being a real estate agent in a town like Ottawa is a lot like working for a matchmaking service. I facilitate happiness by helping buyers find their dream homes, helping them live a warm, fulfilling life for years to come.

Ottawa is my kind of place. I’ve skated the canal more times than I can count. I’ve lived in each area of the city at least once. And when I married my high school sweetheart, I knew I would spend the rest of my life here.

In 1993, my wife and I built our first home. The work we put into its construction reaffirmed our commitment to each other and the city we grew up in. Watching our labor turn into a home we love is a feeling I’ll always remember. It changed my life.

Since then, I’ve learned everything I can about homes, from every perspective. I can read architectural drawings and designs with skill. I can install wiring and plumbing for a home as well as any tradesman. I am licensed to assess and manage comfort systems such as air conditioning, heat, ventilation and air quality.

What does it all amount to? It means I’ve probably driven past your home many times already by chance. I may have even lived or played hockey in your neighborhood. After a quick inspection, I’ll know your home’s history, too. I’ll be able to balance quality, layout and style to gain an intimate understanding of its value. And I’ll know how to sell it for top dollar!

Or, if you’re a buyer, give me a price. I’ll help you find you the right home in the area you covet, and at a square footage that’s right for your family unit, no matter your background, age or budget.

I’m a straightforward, approachable guy who sleeps with the ringer on and takes personal responsibility for the success and wealth of his clients. Call or email today, and let’s start a conversation about how my experience can help you navigate the Ottawa real estate market with an edge.

For more information about how I can help you buy or sell a home, email me at

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