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"Sylvain is always prepared with the latest market information and answered all of my questions with ease."

Kelly McCabe

With decades of experience, our team has the best real estate agents in Ottawa–but that’s not the only benefit of selling a home with us. Honesty and hard work is our promise and ensuring our clients are well informed is our mission. When you sell your home with our team, you are treated like family–and family always comes first.


Here’s what sets us apart from the competition:

Our Specialized Team

Our experienced team is made up of professional individuals each with specific focus and skills. We work together to organize every detail and provide you with all the tools you need to make knowledgeable decisions and feel comfortable when you are selling a home in Ottawa.

Our Construction Background

Our team has the first-hand experience in home construction, renovations, and investment properties, and will provide you with realistic advice on what needs to be improved so you can get the highest price for your home.

Our Professional Network

We will arrange for a complimentary home staging consultation and can connect you with a network of trusted real estate service providers/professionals such as cleaners, lawyers, inspectors, and more, that will help you prepare for your upcoming sale. If you require home repairs, we will recommend the most reliable company to do the job.

Our Superior Analysis

When we’re determining your home’s list price, we don’t do just one, but three different market analyses for your home. By pricing it correctly the first time, we’ll attract the highest amount of qualified buyers while still receiving top dollar for your home.

Our Confidential Marketing Plan

We’ve perfected a marketing plan that guarantees your home will be seen by the most buyers and sold for the highest price in the least amount of time. The reason we keep parts of our strategy confidential is so that our clients will have the upper hand over other sellers in the market. Want to know our secrets to marketing your home, get in touch with us today.

Our Desire to Educate

We believe that you need to have the most up-to-date information about selling a home in Ottawa, and we make it our duty to provide as much knowledge as possible to ensure you feel secure in your decision making.

Our Commitment to Communication

From checking our emails before we go to bed to listening to every voicemail the moment we wake up, we’re committed to being available so that you know exactly what is happening at any given time. With us, you’ll always have a direct line of communication to the honest advice you need from the best real estate agents in Ottawa.

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