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Buying a luxury home in Ottawa requires in-depth knowledge of their exceptional qualities such as unique architecture, high-end amenities, and prestigious communities. You need a real estate agent who has experience with high-end markets and neighbourhoods. I will support and educate you in your luxury home buying process so that you are making confident decisions and will be able to appreciate an extraordinary deal when it presents itself.

Here are the benefits to buying a luxury home in Ottawa with my team:


We find high-end homes

The desire to protect their privacy means the sellers of many luxury homes may not list or put photos of their homes on the internet. Through my network, I have access to high-end listings before they hit the market and those that are selling off-market.

We know affluent neighbourhoods

Location is imperative when you’re searching for a luxury home and my team knows Ottawa’s high-end neighbourhoods well. We’ll help you find the perfect community for your lifestyle and may even be able to suggest areas you haven’t considered.

We discover its true value

Valuing luxury homes can be challenging since many high-end homes are unique and market value depends on comparing homes to properties with similar features and location. However, our extensive experience allows us to adequately determine the real value of the homes and their special features and amenities.

We’ll help you determine what’s important

Luxury properties tend to be one-of-a-kind, so finding your dream home means taking the time to decide what’s most important to you. We’ll help you figure out what aspects are essential to your lifestyle whether it’s an opulent architecture, exclusive neighbourhoods, waterfront access or spectacular views, and ensure that you’re only seeing homes which meet your criteria.

We know specialized home inspectors

It’s crucial to have a proper inspection before buying a luxury home in Ottawa. In many cases, the features of high-priced homes require home inspectors with in-depth knowledge and experience in areas such as pools and fountains, ponds and lawn irrigation systems, heated floors and driveways, security systems, gazebos, and landscaping, etc.

We’ll protect your purchase

My background and experience in home construction and renovations have given me a deep understanding of structural and mechanical issues. I’ll notice if there are any problems with the house that aren’t readily apparent before you hire a home inspector.

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