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What is an infill house? Building an infill property is the process of reconstructing a new home on an older lot where the previous structure has been removed. This process is often complicated and you’ll want to work with a real estate agent with extensive experience in buying infill homes and home construction and renovations. Not only will my unique insights and valuable knowledge educate and protect you, but I can also direct you to trusted and reliable professionals in the industry if you require builders.

Here are some of the reasons to buy infill homes:


Live in a Desirable Neighbourhood

Whether it’s proximity to a specific school district or close to the amenities of the downtown core, building an infill home means you’ll be able to live in a prime location that’s suited to your needs and lifestyle. In addition, communities that attract infills tend to become revitalized and trendy, which leads to increased property value.

Customize Your Home

Not only will you be able to create a brand-new home according to your specifications, you can take advantage of innovative construction techniques and utilize modern materials to make your home durable and sustainable over the long term. If you decide to downsize in your retirement, you’ll reap the benefits of these features when you sell your home.

Energy Efficiency Advantages

Green and energy efficient infill homes aren’t only helping the environment but also your bank balance. Features such as triple-glazed windows, extra insulations, and radiant heated floors as well as more efficient methods of water conservation will reflect in your lower utility bills. These leading-edge technologies will provide income-saving benefits in the short and long term and bring your home to the forefront of Green living.

Commuting and Travel

There’s great appeal in reducing time spent in traffic and commuting to the suburbs where most new developments are being built. Not only for work-related reasons but also for entertainment, recreation, and nightlife. Walking or cycling is a healthier option and will also reduce your expenses on fuel and parking fees. In addition, public transportation in established communities tends to offer more frequent service and closer connections to major hubs.

Mature Communities and Trees

Older communities enjoy spacious yardage while many new developments are built with smaller lots and in open fields. It takes decades to achieve the canopies that mature trees provide and many established Ottawa neighbourhoods have charming trees over a century old. Furthermore, rooted communities have well-established recreational centres, extra-curricular activities, and sports teams that your family can benefit from joining.

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