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I will start by thanking all our clients, friends and family for all their past and continued support. It is always a pleasure working with folks and helping them achieve their Real Estate Goals!

The Ottawa market has always had a steady and stable increase, however, 2019 was an exceptional year!


As some news/forecast https://ottawacitizen.com/life/homes/how-ottawa-became-the-countrys-hottest-real-estate-market-and-why-this-distinction-could-soon-end Some say it may not last. My predictions are more inline with our Brokerages here ar Remax Hallmark Realty group, That Ottawa will continue to grow at a strong pace for all or most of 2020.

Driving factors have been low inventory, Strong buyer presence and using the expertise of agents who know the Ottawa market!


More experts say that even as Canada’s real estate cools down, it is still too early to say the same for Ottawa. https://globalnews.ca/news/4223224/ottawa-housing-market-real-estate/

With the average 2 story home price being $507, 870, Bungalow $455,993 and Condo’s being at $307,659* April prices. We have seen an average growth of 19.17 between all three, With Orleans and Kanata as being the strongest markets.

To close out, I foresee home escalation to continue to rise for 2020, and who knows, maybe we will have another banner year?

Thinking of buying or selling in 2020? Call me! We know Ottawa.

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