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The diversity and beauty of Ottawa, the Nation’s Capital, attract newcomers from all over the world. Surrounded by vast and accessible nature, this safe city is full of dynamic culture, numerous job opportunities and is easily one of the greatest cities in Canada to grow a family and a prosperous career.

Below are some of the great communities that the Sylvain Bourgon Real Estate Group help people find their new homes in every day and where to live in Ottawa.


In the Southwest corner of Ottawa, Barrhaven is a lively, family-oriented suburb with plenty of great amenities. Being about 20 km out from downtown Ottawa, this quieter location is ideal for those looking to start a family and young families looking for an affordable first home.

Highway 416 easily connects Barrhaven to many surrounding communities and is well serviced by the OC Transpo buses. Being a newer community, most streets are rowed with 20th-century style suburban houses with no shortage of public parks, playgrounds and schools from multiple school boards. Bigger box stores are accessible throughout the neighbourhoods within Barrhaven, as well as small strip malls for access to a variety of handy services. In this safe and prosperous environment, you’ll find townhomes, single family homes and even condominiums and great choice for where to live in Ottawa.


It’s lovely mix of urban and rural features and is being considered more affordable for housing than Ottawa’s central neighbourhoods makes Kanata an ultimate suburb. With a vast array of townhomes, single-family homes and rentals, you’ll have a lot of options if you decide to dwell in this lively community.

Kanata is home of Ottawa’s successful high-tech industry, the Ottawa Senators NHL team and one of Ottawa’s largest movie theatre within the Kanata Centrum (which also houses plenty of restaurants and popular box stores). 22 km West of downtown Ottawa and surrounded by the Greenbelt, there is no shortage of green space and parks.

A popular community for families, active people and pet owners, Kanata is known for its beautiful walking and biking trails. Kanata also has ample sports associations with regular programs as well as golf clubs, biking clubs and sailing clubs. Where to live in Ottawa? Choose Kanata!


Providing a feeling or a gentrified urban area, Westboro sits just 6 km West of downtown Ottawa and supplies its residence with an abundance of close at hand amenities. Westboro is considered chic, upscale, quirky and eccentric making it ideal for couples and young professionals. In this thriving neighbourhood with a village-like feel you’ll find farmers markets, top restaurants and trendy boutiques.

With leafy streets boasting single family homes as well as newer loft apartments and condominiums, this clean, well-kept neighbourhood is desired by all types of community members. Because of its proximity to the Gatineau Hills, Westboro Beach and a concentration of outdoor stores, Westboro is known to draw a population of outdoor enthusiasts.

Little Italy

Little Italy is Ottawa’s eclectic and popular culture centre for the Italian community. With it’s well-known specialty stores, restaurants and seasonal festivities this vibrant community is one of Ottawa’s most inviting neighbourhoods. Amongst the remaining Italian generations who create a strong sense of community, Little Italy is popular with young urban professionals and students due to its ideal location for commuters and the walkability to universities, Dow’s Lake, LeBreton Flats, Rideau Canal and Chinatown.

Modern condominiums are settled among older homes and there is an ideal combination of restaurants, shops, stores and recreational facilities. With a taste of many different cultures (as it borders Chinatown) and it’s proximity to some of Ottawa’s best features such as the Rideau Canal, Little Italy is a unique community loved by its residence as well as visitors and tourists.


As one of Ottawa’s most populous suburbs, Orleans is considered warm, welcoming and friendly. Located just 16 km East of downtown, high-quality neighbourhoods are just a 10-minute drive on the 417 to the hustle and bustle of Ottawa. Character filled streets and an ample number of scenic trails and parks make Orleans a great place to step out with the kids to enjoy nature.

Cyclists and hikers will have access to adventure outdoors while the many recreational facilities, community centres and skating rinks provide an opportunity for organized activity and sport.

Orleans has a substantial Francophone population and many schools to suite either English or French needs. Though Orlean consists mainly of detached single-family houses, there are many options for both renting and owning, and most certainly growing a family. Orleans makes a great choice when choosing where to live in Ottawa.


The rural community of Navan is nestled just Southeast of the community of Orleans. This smaller village is quickly becoming more suburban but continues to boast larger lots, custom builds and tree-lined streets. Navan is peaceful, quiet and ideal for outdoor enthusiasts as it provides access to ample trails and outdoor activities.

The calmness of the area offers solitude while remaining just 20 km East of downtown Ottawa. Being very close to Orleans, Navan is close to more rural amenities like big box stores and malls, therefore it is ideal for those who want peace at home while having quick access to services when choosing where to live in Ottawa.

Beacon Hill

Within the long-established bilingual community of Beacon Hill, you will find an abundance of green space, residential parks and woodlands that make for a calm place to settle down, build a family or even retire. Rolling hills and very popular toboggan hills encourage residents to get outdoors during all seasons of the year. Beacon Hill is to the West of the Greenbelt which provides a ton of access to nature.

Just 10 km from downtown, this community in the East end of Ottawa is mostly residential and has easy access to services at the convenient Beacon Hill Shopping Centre such as a pharmacy, grocery store, bakeshop, hairstylist, post office and more. Just a short distance away, the busy St. Laurent area has everything you need for errands, entertainment and shopping.

The OC Transpo routes service much of Beacon Hill bringing residence to many key areas close by like St. Laurent Shopping Centre and Gloucester Centre. If you’re looking for space and tranquillity, Beacon Hill is a conveniently located community that will give you the feeling you’re farther out of the city than you truly are.


Just 30 km South of downtown Ottawa lies the unique suburban community of Greely. This rapidly growing village has a rural feel keeping easy access to the urban centre of Ottawa. Residences have the benefits of a peaceful smaller town while keeping easy access to services and amenities. Greely is considered a somewhat affluent area and is populated with ample golf courses and beautiful homes.

Many houses in this community are on properties of half to two-acre lots giving it a relaxing country atmosphere. Greely is just 10 minutes from the Ottawa International Airport and has easy access to plenty of services so you can complete your errands without leaving town.

With a mature feel and great outdoor recreation for walking and bicycling, Greely is a good fit for older and younger alike who prefer the peace of being away from the hustle and bustle of the city.


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